What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is the analysis of a your financial affairs in order to meet your needs and objectives through a set of agreed financial strategies summarised in a Statement of Advice (Financial Plan).

This requires a detailed process to analyse all the relevant information about your current financial situation and an understanding of your goals and financial essentials before any conclusions can be drawn as to what might be beneficial for you. – It is an assessment of your personal finances Now for a better financial future Tomorrow. That is encapsulated in our favourite catch phrase:

Strategy Today. Freedom Tomorrow – The single most important ingredient to be able to improve your financial situation is time because time equals opportunity.

In Financial Planning we look at a myriad of financial circumstances of our clients and devise a plan on how to improve their situation. With individual strategies a Financial Planner will address areas such as:

  • Cash Flow Management and Savings Plans
  • Managing Bad and Good Debt
  • Diversified Investment Portfolios
  • Structured Investment Products
  • Superannuation Optimisation Strategies
  • SMSF and Property Investments
  • Retirement and Transition to Retirement Planning
  • Lifestyle & Wealth Protection
  • Tax-minimisation & Succession Planning

During the financial planning process the subject area of advice is defined and a package is tailored to our clients’ needs. Our clients are individuals, couples, families, trusts and businesses.

Why Financial Planning?

You may say ‘I’ll look after my finances, my super, my wealth etc. later’. The fact is that by doing so you’ll be missing out on the opportunity to make your money work harder and longer while you are still young. You may say ‘Superannuation is not important and I’ll deal with it once I get there. Besides who knows if it’s still there once I’m old enough.’ This is a common statement we come across but we know for a fact from our clients who say ‘If only I had known all this earlier I could have made a fortune’.

It’s time in not just timing. – The earlier you start the more financial benefits you’ll get.

From surveys we know that the younger generation does not consider planning their financial affairs until later in life when they may get married and start a family; or they want to remain independent for longer before committing to a family. They are thereby missing out on up to 10 to 20 years easily during which they could have accrued savings and investments, reduced tax and increased their net wealth. These lost years cannot be made up later in life. Don’t let the ‘It’ll be alright’ attitude get in your way.

Start taking control of your finances today. – Learn from a financial planner what you can do now to set yourself up financially for the future.

At Equity Resource Financial Planning we can provide you with a no cost/no obligation mobile appointment to discuss your goals and desires and assess your financial opportunities.

PHONE 02 8861 1688

We have a defined financial planning process and provide professional and knowledgeable advice for our clients. You can download our latest Financial Services Guide from this link to find out more about this process and what advice we give. There is also a separate Privacy Policy to explain how we look after your personal information.

What are our unique financial planning solutions?

We have three customised Financial Planning Solutions to help everyday Australians make the most of their finances now and in the future.

  1. Financial Certainty Package – I want to kick start my own personal wealth and protection program. This package is for clients who are starting out and are determined to create wealth for their future.
  2. Financial Independence Package – I’m determined to grow my wealth and optimise my returns. This package is for clients who have established a portfolio of investments and insurances and want to optimise their benefits further.
  3. Financial Freedom Package – I’m aiming for financial freedom and want to get rid of money worries for good. This package is for clients who are looking to gain financial freedom and create passive income for life.
  4. SMSF Initiation Package – I want to unlock the power of Self Managed Superannuation to create wealth for retirement. This package is for clients who are looking to control their own superannuation and define an investment strategy with a wide variety of investment options.
  5. SMSF & Property – I want to make use of my SMSF to make the most of property investing. This package is for clients who like property, may already have property investments outside of super and are seeking to maximise financial wealth through property investing for their retirement.

Naturally, Financial Planning looks at your whole life situation. Every stage of your life is important in preparing the grounds for the next one. The time horizon that you have available to prepare is the single most important ingredient to achieve and maybe even exceed your objectives.

It does not matter where you stand in life but it matters when you start taking control of your finances.

Each package includes a written Statement of Advice as well as an ongoing review service if so desired.