Here is carefully crafted practical advice on how to match an affordable investment property to your financial profile along with bonus tips when buying an investment property and applying for an investment property loan.

The facts to finding ‘High Performance’ Investment Properties include finding properties that consistently deliver high rental yields and high capital growth.

We work with our clients to find affordable successful investment properties at market value or even better that will fit comfortably within their immediate financial capabilities. Then, ongoing through ‘High Performance’ capital growth and rental returns continue to increase their net worth. Where To Find Affordable ‘High Performance’ Investment Properties We provide practical advice on how to find and match ‘High Performance’ Investment Properties to your personal financial profile along with bonus tips on what to look out for when buying a property and applying for an investment property loan. Investment Property Opportunities Contact us for information on our national data of select investment properties at real or below market value in long term high capital growth, high rental yield areas. Please contact Equity Resource 02 8861 1689 for further information about:
  • Sydney Property
  • NSW Property
  • Brisbane Property
  • Queensland Property
  • Melbourne Property
  • Victoria Property

Also, when requested we develop more comprehensive financial recommendations tailored to suit individual lifestyles that will assist in improving the future financial picture including arranging mortgage loans if required.

If you’re planning on investing in property, we invite you to contact us for a FREE full financial analysis on how to purchase affordable investment properties without having to take any money out of your pocket, now or in the future. If you feel we€™re a suitable match, we provide cost and obligation free consultations. Our corporate office is based in the Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills, NSW. We also provide a mobile service covering metropolitan Sydney to either your home or office and we work electronically to the other areas in Australia.

Our Commitment To You

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Equity Resource’s investment property division customise no cost or obligation financial plans incorporating high rental yield, high capital growth affordable investment properties drawn from our national data base for qualified applicants.